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Kindergarten Kickoff Appointments Available

Looking for ways to prepare your child for Kindergarten?  Sign up for Kindergarten Kick-Off at GMPL.  By conducting a one-on-one Kindergarten readiness screening with your child, we can gauge your child's strengths and weaknesses.

We'll provide you with tips to help boost Kindergarten and reading readiness skills over the coming summer months.  Screenings are offered throughout the entire month of April at area child care centers and the Library.

Call the Library for more details or to register your child today.

Ukrainian Easter Eggs with Beverly Boiwka

Wednesday, April 23; 7 - 8 PM

One brief lesson was all it took to persuade Beverly Boiwka to devote over 30 years to studying and mastering the fascinating art form that is know as Pysanky, or Ukrainian eggs.  Rooted in ancient fertility practices, Pysanky are exquisitely patterned eggs with communicate the rich story of Ukrainian history.  These elaborate works of art are inscribed on real eggs, using a writing stylus known as a kistka and beeswax and dyes.  Beverly will demonstrate this beautiful art and explain how she creates the eggs and then pass them around for participants to see up close.  Other art pieces will be available to show and see such as necklaces and ornaments.  This program is appropriate for adults and older teens.  Registration required. 

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